22 marzo 2006


Here is a picture which will remind you of our precious time together at your house.
It is simply called "arrival".
I am trying to express the energetic transformation of slowing down as one enters into a relational process with place.
(A particular note on the word "arrival" that I discovered in the dictionary : "arrive" comes from the latin "ad" , to + "ripa", shore.) So meaning "to the shore" (and of course I add "of the the Delta").
I will give you more news at another moment. Good luck and muchas gracias para todos!besos, Jeane

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viviana dijo...

Mail enviado por Jeane Fabb desde Canadá junto con la composición fotografica a partir de imagenes tomadas durante su estadía en el delta en setiembre/05.
Muchas gracias Jeane por tan poetica obra!